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How to keep your slide free

Dean Wilkins‎

Couple easy tips I’ve mentioned in another post and thought I would shoot some photos today. I use an old wood deck baluster that I cut the same length as the width of my slide out. Lay it on the ground when pulling in to make sure you have enough clearance. On the same piece of wood I made a line I use when raising the tongue to make sure it’s high enough before backing in. I just keep it in the bed of my truck so I have it at all times.

About Us

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John & Marge Lange have been serving the boating needs of the general public since 2002 with a Tracker Marine dealership in Portage, Wisconsin.  With proper planning and dedication for customer service, John & Marge quickly grew the business to be the 2nd largest Tracker dealership in the state.  In 2009 they moved to Port Charlotte Florida and John immediately entered the boating market as a salesman for one of the largest pre-owned boat dealerships in the area becoming a top salesman in just a few months.

In 2010 the Lange's opened their first Florida dealership; providing sales of pre-owned boats and service for outboard and I/O powered boats.

It was here that they were introduced to sailing, joining the Punta Gorda Sailing Club, John became the Sailboat Racing Fleet Captain organizing 32 weekend events and Major Boat of the Year Regatta's.

During this time the Lange's were introduced to multihull sailing and racing.  Crewing on Cousair's and Farrier Trimarans and sailing/racing in WindRider's, Weta's and other trimaran sailboats.

With the help of Tiki Water Sports in Key Largo, Charlotte Harbor Sails became dealers for New Hunter and Hobie Cat sailboats.  CHS became dealers for WindRider, TRiAK, Tohatsu outboards and several lines of Kayak and watersport products. 

In 2013 John and Marge began plans to build the X19 Trimaran Sailboat

More Coming....

CHS X19 Trimaran Sailboat

19' trailerable trimaran in composite construction.


This 19' trimaran is a new development of the earlier Trikala 19 which was in production in Spain for a short while. 

The design program called for an easily trailerable trimaran that would match performance with similar sized beach cats, but offer more comfort. You can hike out if you like, or not.  It will seat four people.  Unlike on a beach cat, you can bring the kids and a picnic basket.  The 19 was designed to be a daysailor, with storage inside.

Notice below that the overall width is easily adjustable.  The amas simply slide together.  There is no reason to accept the disadvantages of an expensive folding system.

Check out the new X19 Build Blog @








Length overall: 19'-0" (5.79 m)
Length at waterline: 18'-9" (5.73 m)
Beam out: 13' 4" (4.12 m)
Beam in: 8'-0" (2.44 m)
Draft: 9"/3' 1" (.25/.94 m)
Weight: 540 lb (245 kg)
Displacement: 915 lb (415 kg)
Sails: main: 158 sqft. (14.63 sqm)
jib: 50 sqft. (4.62 sqm)
spinnaker: 161 sqft. (14.93 sqm)
upwind total: 208 sqft. (19.32 sqm)












The following copied from Small Tri Design website about the older sister of the X19 called the Trikala 19

The Trikala 19 is from the board of imaginative designer Kurt Hughes. This boat was actually in production for a while in Spain but since then, a few have also been built by amateurs. A couple reportedly even cruised the Mediterranean in one! This is a boat design that always frustrated me—perhaps wrongly so.

Trikala 19
Trikala 19

For me as a designer, the looks of a boat are almost as important as its performance and the Trikala looks quite stunning from the bow, with its long fine entry and streamlined deck lines. But then, as it opens out to encompass a very wide cockpit aft, it always appeared to me that something distracted the designer or he just lost interest, as the view from the stern quarter is not so elegant. It's no doubt practical but it's a shame that its wonderful efficient appearance from the bow could not in some way be maintained at the stern. But with that very personal comment aside, this is an interesting boat with no doubt a good performance. It would be a particularly interesting boat to build for someone wanting to learn about composite construction with a larger boat in mind 'down the road', as the Trikala is lightly built of foam core under fibreglass skins and would therefore provide a good learning experience. The boat does not fold in a conventional way but like some other small designs by Kurt, uses a sliding system with tubular akas, the port ones, sliding into tubes with Teflon runners behind the starboard ones—so the two sides are not exactly symmetrical—a factor that some potential buyers find disturbing, though the difference is purely cosmetic.








Article from Small Trimarans magazine

How about an audio interview about the CHS X19 Sport Trimaran — a new sailboat that is about to be built by Charlotte Harbor Sails in Florida? Charlotte Harbor’s proprietor, John Lange, was specifically looking for a boat with its features.

John was able to find just what he was looking for in this model, which is a design by Kurt Hughes. (My short audio interview with John is found below).

chs-x19-trimaranKurt Hughes is a familiar name in the world of multihulls. It turns out Kurt had just completed a re-design of one of his earlier models — the Trikala trimaran — just prior to meeting John. Kurt’s Trikala re-design was just the thing John had been looking into building for customers.

Cool. Very cool.

What really blew me away though was the price they are going to be asking for this boat … at least initially. (We can safely assume the price will go higher in coming months, as material costs continue to rise). So if anyone is interested, they probably won’t want to wait too long before inquiring more about this one.

The initial pricetag: $14,995

Not bad for a 19-foot commercially-produced trailerable trimaran, eh? I mean, I was expecting a number much higher than that. So again, kinda cool.

Here are the proposed specs for the CHS X19 Sport Trimaran

  • A fast and comfortable day boat … take you and up to 3 others for a thrill ride.
  • Overnight camping possible … for those with understanding partners!
  • A big compartment in the front … accessible through a deck hatch.
  • Smaller storage space available behind the mast … accessed directly from the deck.
  • Ama hulls slide to center hull … for towing on the road.
  • Shallow draft … for easy beaching and shallow water access.

More Info Coming....


We are trying to rebuild this site after a server crash last month, please stop back to see additions and improvements.

Help us build a World Class Sailboat

See our websites and build blog at

We have been working steady for the past month and have made great headway towards the final goal. The first two molds are nearly complete and ready to create parts. Marge and I have invested an additional $5,000 (totaling $15,000 cash plus sweat equity) into the project and are about to hit another wall (financially).

We have done a budget analysis and will require an additional $10,000 to $15,000 for the completion of the Main Hull Molds. This amount only covers the cost of building the plugs and creating the molds. We still don't have a boat to sell or sail.

We have performed an exhaustive cash flow analysis and have some very exciting results.

We will require a total of $40,000 to complete our goals. Based on building two boats a month, we can provide an investor nearly a 25% annual return on investment.

Our plan is to produce the first 5 boats and sell for an amazing price of $14,995. Once we have 5 boats out sailing we will ramp up production to build two boats per month. With the increased overhead, we will need to raise the price to $19,995.

Two Ways to invest in Charlotte Harbor Sails and the Exciting new X19 Trimaran Sailboat.

1. We need FIVE to EIGHT investors at $5,000 each which may consist of a deposit on the purchase of one of the first 8 boats off the production floor for a total sale price of $14,995 + tax, title, and destination fees.
2. One or more investors to Invest a total of $40,000, and participate in a percentage share in up to 25% of the profits in the business.

We are open to suggestions. Don't really want to go through the crowd funding process and would rather deal with individuals who are willing to place their trust in our ability to produce a quality performance sail boat.

Contact John via phone or text at 941 x 677 a 2459

More Coming....

Thank You for visiting the all new Charlotte Harbor Sails website.  We are in the process of recreating the site after a server crash a few months ago.  Keep coming back to see the changes and updates to this site. 

Some of the coming pages will include:

  1. Complete description of the CHS X19 Trimaran Sailboat
  2. Ships Store with sailing and power boating accessories
  3. Rigging Specialties
  4. Services

We can finish your project, fiberglass or wood. Refinish your boats dull n dingy fiberglass n paint.

Gelcoat, wet sanding, polishing, buffing, detailing, painting, cleaning, washing, bottom painting

Small Boats only On Trailer only

Fees Start at $10 per foot.

We specialize in sailboat refinishing, bulkhead replacement, keel repair, rigging, sails, fairing, blister repair, remove bottom paint, epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, awlgrip.

Make your favorite boat look like new again.


Gelcoat, wet sand, polish, buff, detail, paint, clean, wash, bottom paint, rig, sail, fair, refinish

CHS X19 Trimaran Sailboat


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